Council has funded this course to help you fast-track your marketing & sales success.

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A full list of the course lessons are provided further down the page.

One of the most highly rated courses online

This is the best thing the Council has done for our business. It beats all the webinars and mini courses. This explains it all - Finally! Thank you!!!

- Graham Horvath

This course is great. It clearly explains how to implement a range of powerful strategies.

- Juliana DeCandia

Out of all the courses and zoom webinars council offered, this is my favourite. It's got so much information and you can learn at your own pace.

- Pam Gorringe

The content in the course is fantastic and the support they give you is amazing. I honestly can't believe it's all free.

- Michael Kelly

I was so excited after the first few lessons I couldn't wait to apply the strategies I learnt... and they work.

- Nicole Kalazich

This is a great council initiative. It not only gives businesses practical advice it also provides great support which is what businesses really need.

- Michael Fenech

We started this course at the same time the COVID-19 crisis hit. Our aim was to help businesses during the crisis by sharing tactics they could use to minimise disruption as well as strategies that would support a quick recovery when the crisis ended. 

To perform in tough times you need a measured approach. You also need strategies that are proven to get results fast. 

As we started creating the lessons for this course we realised we were actually creating the most comprehensive marketing course online and the lessons in this course were in effect a catalogue of our highest performing marketing strategies.

When we chose the name 'Crisis Marketing' for this course we knew the name related more to the situation than the course content, but the name grew on us. This is because in a crisis it's all about efficiency and urgency and those two words are exactly what smart marketing is all about.

Why Crisis Marketing? 

Council Message

Mid-Western Regional Council recognises there is great uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, and local businesses require support to not only survive the crisis but to recover and thrive into the future. Council is coordinating a number of ways to support local business. Education and information are the focal point of these activities, as well as ensuring connectedness, networking and supporting local procurement across the region, between the business sectors themselves, as well as ensuring as much local spend remains in the Mid-Western region as possible. 

This course is a key part of these activities and aims to help businesses on building a successful future. Other initiatives include the launch of a Business Portal called ‘Mudgee Region Business’. This will be a single destination for businesses to seek information regarding support measures in place for COVID-19. Further it will provide an accurate and up-to-date business listings free to all local businesses; a platform for local procurement so businesses can find local businesses to meet their needs; a local business news feed; access to a library of articles on business issues and topics and an

Business Events listing and calendar of networking, business information sessions and professional development opportunities.


Fortnightly newsletters targeting the business community are being curated and created highlighting business support opportunities from grants and funding bodies, as well as business events and economic data insights. Council is committed to ensure the message of supporting local businesses is reinforced to keep as much funds in the region as possible. In line with Council’s Procurement Policy, Council will continue to ensure opportunities for local suppliers of products and service are available. Further marketing activities will be undertaken to ensure local businesses register with Council as a local provider.

The Mid-Western Regional Council Economic Development team continue to be available to businesses over the phone or email, and face-to-face into the future to provide advice on business support services, data, grant opportunities and funding support.

Some of the Course Topics

A full list of the course lessons are provided further down the page.

Why you should continue to explore remote strategies

Growing your customer network at SPEED using partnerships

Learn how to get customers without

spending a dollar on marketing

Council has funded this course to help you fast-track your marketing & sales success.

Learn how to motivate people

to engage with you online

Learn how to build

trust & authority online

Using your Google My Business

listing to get more customers

Grant Hartley will be teaching the course. Grant has been a speaker on stage with Google and is trusted by Google. He has a proven track record with Councils. He has been a speaker at live education events for Councils for 8 years with audiences of up to 600 business owners at a time.

He is passionate about helping small business owners and he is a highly sought educator in this space. Grant is able to explain complex strategies in a very simple way so that business owners can easily understand and apply what he teaches. 

He has a deep understanding of the full communication spectrum from content strategy through to Artificial Intelligence (“AI”). He is also highly skilled in content production and digital campaign management. He is a programmer who can build AI and specialises in end-to-end systems integration. 

Grant develops and executes the very same strategies he teaches in this course. This hands-on experience enables him to clearly demonstrate what works and what doesn’t.

Your Instructor

Council has funded this course to help you fast-track your marketing & sales success.

Extremely happy. Very professional... They go above and beyond to make sure you have the knowledge to grow your business online.

Andrew Morcom

Morcom Smash Repairs

Course Modules & Lessons

Council has funded this course to help you fast-track your marketing & sales success.

They are very good contacts to have on speed-dial...Their advice in regards to Google and Social Media is excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

David Newton

Newton Real Estate




In this video Grant explains why you need to be clear about what problems you solve in order to get more customers.

Ever wondered why you get such low engagement online when you have a lot of followers? In this video Grant explains why.

In this video, Grant explains the (2) key mistakes most businesses make when they approach online marketing. 

Sound Bites

Council has funded this course to help you fast-track your marketing & sales success.

Excellent to deal with...I was especially impressed with how they ask all the right questions to draw out the information needed, so I could easily understand what to do.

Steve Semmens

The Persuader