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Growing Era of Misinformation

One of the biggest challenges businesses are facing right now is the growing amount of outdated and incorrect advice online. In this video I explain the negative impact this has on businesses.

Google My Business

This video is just one of the lessons in the course that explains how to correctly set up and manage a free Google My Business listing. 

Our Lead Educator

Grant has been a speaker on stage with Google. He is trusted by Google and has been a speaker at Local Government events for 8 years. ⁣

Grant is highly skilled in networking, sales, offline/online marketing, ecommerce, artificial intelligence ("AI"), virtual reality ("VR"), systems integration/automation and cloud computing - as well as data migration, management and data security.

He teaches businesses how to turn absolute strangers into loyal customers and how to leverage those relationships to scale customer networks at speed. ⁣

Grant executes all the strategies he teaches in his courses and this hands-on experience enables him to clearly demonstrate what works and what doesn't - saving businesses a lot of time and money.

His unique value is his understanding of the full spectrum of communication strategy from planning to execution and his ability to explain the A-Z of end-to-end systems integration in a simple way that is very easy for small business owners to understand and implement. ⁣

Grant is passionate about helping small business owners and has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by small business.

He is well known for going above and beyond to support and mentor small business owners which is echoed throughout all his online reviews.

3 Part Series

This short 3-part series was produced to emphasis the importance of accepting and managing change, while remaining open to new and evolving opportunities. 

1. The Need for Change: If you're in B2B or B2C your mindset must always be C2C.

2. Change & Discovery: The changes we made that led to our greatest discovery.

3. Hardship & Innovation: Some of the greatest innovations born in the toughest of times.

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